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Woman Pours Hot Cooking Oil On Hubby

It will certainly not be a merry Christmas for a 30-year-old Sakubva man who is nursing serious facial burns he sustained after a vicious bo...

It will certainly not be a merry Christmas for a 30-year-old Sakubva man who is nursing serious facial burns he sustained after a vicious boiled cooking oil attack by his jealous wife of five years on Monday evening.

The callous attack occurred after a serious altercation at their Chisamba Singles home in Sakubva as the wife suspected that the man was still seeing his former wife behind her back.

Paidamoyo Muradzikwa, who is also a cancer patient, was clearly in pain when The Manica Post visited him at his brother’s apartment in Sakubva where he narrated his ordeal at the hands of his wife – Tatenda Manziyo.

Manziyo was in police custody on Tuesday evening and she was expected to appear in court on Wednesday (yesterday).

Muradzikwa said although they do not have children after half a decade together, his wife always suspected that he was still taking care of his former wife with whom he has two children.
Woman Pours Hot Cooking Oil On Hubby
“She has always been troubling me about my former wife. The thing is that I separated with my former wife and we had two children. There was really nothing going on between me and my former wife but somehow my current wife suspected that I was cheating on her.

“Each time she saw my former wife in the environs of our suburb she would go mad and shout at me, accusing me of cheating on her with my former wife.

“The problem is that I stay in Chisamba singles and my former wife stays in Old Chisamba and these are two areas near to each other all in Sakubva hence there is no way my former wife cannot be seen around my area,” he said.

Muradzikwa said he was not suspecting anything when his wife poured hot cooking oil on him.

“I spent the day with my brother and my close friend. We were drinking beer near Perfect Bakery at Sakubva terminus. She was evidently angry at me that the two men I was drinking with suddenly left me saying they could not stand the sight of a man who is being followed by his wife during a drinking binge.

“We started quarrelling as she accused me of having bought something for my former wife. I tried to convince her that she was wrong but she could have none of it.

“We went together home to try and solve the issue at home. It got worse upon arriving home. She started pushing and shoving me. When I tried to restrain her, she suddenly grabbed the pot which was on the stove and poured hot cooking oil over my face.

“I was really hurt. I am still in pain my brother,” he said.

He added that his wife was now lying that he wanted to stab her with a knife hence the cooking oil attack as her defence.

Muradzikwa said although he was in pain, he managed to rush to the nearby police station to report the case and latter went to hospital.

He received treatment at Mutare Provincial Hospital before being discharged in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

The victim’s brother Ndaiziwei Mwatira, who is taking care of him at his home, appealed for assistance to cater for his young brother’s medical bills.

“We are in a serious problem since we no longer have cash to cover his medical bills.

“We appeal to well wishers to assist us so that he can be treated.

His problems have been worsened by the fact that he is a cancer patient and the weather itself is worsening his pain,’’ said Mwatira.

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