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Prophet Makandiwa Warns Youths To ‘Stop Abusing the Internet’

Founder of United Family International Church Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa advised young adults to stop abusing the internet at a youth servic...

Founder of United Family International Church Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa advised young adults to stop abusing the internet at a youth service recently held at the City Sports Centre in Harare.

Speaking during the Sunday Afternoon service dedicated for youths he said there is no doubt, the Internet can be an extremely useful tool for young people but there are always dangers overlooking that one needs to be very careful when dealing with it.

Describing the abuse of the internet as a demonic doorway he said “demons can enter into people’s lives through the internet. I have seen so many people getting possessed as a result of abusing the internet.”

The man of God explained in detail the internet’s very many benefits and the helpful information it provides citing how personal lives of millions of internet users have been transformed by the incredible convenience of email, social media, e-commerce and mobile apps.
Prophet Makandiwa Warns Youths To ‘Stop Abusing the Internet’
In the sermon entitled Demonic Doorways; Internet Abuse, Prophet Makandiwa also rebuked youths who spend much of their time online saying it does not only waste time but also takes away the human element of living in the moment and making relationships more superficial.

“Time given to you by God must not be abused on the internet, what you think is socialising is simply wastage of valuable time. Do you have to reply every message? Learn to switch it off!”

“These are platforms that are meant to educate us, stop wasting your time. As you abuse the internet you are abusing the time that God has given you. Time has to be redeemed for the days are now evil,” said the man of God.

Prophet Makandiwa instructed young adults to go on the internet for planned things and avoid searching for partners on internet dating websites.

“Girlfriends or boyfriends given to you by the internet, be careful it could be a technological relationship that needs to be upgraded every time and if you begin to suffer it’s not God’s problem. You can’t have a person coming to marry you because it’s a demonic relationship, you only know 20% or less about that individual,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

With the internet unleashing a seemingly unstoppable flow of increasingly explicit sexual materials the man of God admonished youths never to visit certain websites on the internet.

After a relatively short but powerful teaching the man of God prayed for the entire congregation delivering many from afflictions that came as a result of abuse of the internet.

“Any demon assigned by the devil to come after you and torment and harass you. Let your body be set free! Any demon that gained access into your life as a result of the internet, right now as I speak to you as a prophet of God, your body is being set free! Be delivered today in the name of Jesus. Internet demons I charge you in the name of Jesus, manifest and go. The time you lost is being recovered in the name of Jesus,” he declared.

“Some of you have been connected to ritualists and satanists who are now threatening your lives, everything about you is going down, but I pray right now for a disconnection in the name of Jesus!,” he added.

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