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The Late Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure Biography!

Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi was a popular Zimbabwean socialite and businessman.  He was also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a g...

Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi was a popular Zimbabwean socialite and businessman. 

He was also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a gas company, Pioneer Gases which has interests in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. He was also the owner of Club Sankayi (now known as Dreams Nightlife Club).

In November 2020, Ginimbi died. He died after a high-speed car crash in Harare after being thrown off the vehicle which burst into flames after crashing.

Background: Genius Kadungure was born on 10 October 1984 in Domboshava in a family of four. He was also referred to by the nickname of Ginimbi a name he gives to himself on his Facebook profile

He was the Harare International Carnival ambassador.

Business career: Kadungure was said to have started engaging in small business transactions at the age of 17 as he became a middle-man securing gas for domestic users. Genius had a friend who worked at the Angolan Airways offices, he quickly secured his first contract through a friend. He would follow up on a number sales to gas users and that would see his fortunes turning. Within a year, he had started driving and two years later he had a Mercedes Benz S Class.

He went on to establish Pioneer Gases which is now part of Piko Trading Group. The company supplies gas to the commercial, industrial, public and retail sectors.
The Late Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure Biography!

Net Worth: Ginimbi's net worth was currently not known as his businesses are not listed publicly. Based on assets known, however, his net worth can be estimated to be US $10 million and US $100 million. He added a new US$600 000 worth Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster during the week ending 3 October 2020 to his fleet of luxury cars which turned heads of many in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare.

Crime and Controversy

Fraud Allegations: In May 2014 Kadungure was arrested on allegations of fraud. He was accused of allegedly defrauding Zanu-PF MP for Chegutu West Dexter Nduna, the managing director of Badon Enterprises, and a Kadoma-based miner only identified as Gatawa of R1,581,890. Kadungure was reported to have created a fictitious company named Transco Civil Engineering purportedly based in South Africa and opened an ABSA bank account for the company. He then contacted the complainants over the phone and misrepresented himself as the chief buyer for Marange Resources looking for mining pumps at competitive prices, it was alleged. 

In December 2011 Gatawa reportedly sent his brother Enock to South Africa to purchase the pumps. He was ordered to deposit R1,046,890 for the purchase of 10 flight pumps in the ABSA bank account. After the transfers, Enock was told by Transco Civil Engineering “officials” to go back to Zimbabwe and check for his parcel with DHL in three days time. He only received a parcel of cellphone chargers.

Alleged debt to Mutumwa Mawere: In February 2018 Ginimbi dismissed claims that he owed R340 000 to South African based businessman Mutumwa Mawere. The two had a falling out and exchanged words on social media site Twitter after Mawere asked Kadungure to pay back what he owes. Kadungure claimed that he had paid back all that he owed and said that the money could have gone to meeting part of Mawere’s legal fees when he was arrested in South Africa.

We were once very close and in 2012, 2013 I was facing cash flow problems and he gave me $340 000, which I had to repay plus 15 percent interest per month. After about four months I was back on my feet and paid him bank in batches, starting with R100 000, then R70 000 and so forth.

Some of the money I paid when he was in prison in South Africa over a fraud case and his office people used it, probably to settle his legal fees. We have not met since 2015 and for him to suddenly make claims on Twitter Is unfortunate. Who seeks settlement on social media and not courts of law?
The Late Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure Biography!
The Late Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure Biography!

I find it strange that he would think that all the money I paid him was just the interest when I had the money for just four months.

This is just aimed at bringing me down. Where I am right now I can even give him R340 000 because it’s small money and I can do that to thank him for rescuing me when I had problems. But that is not to say I owe him.

Otherwise, if he feels I owe him the money he should go to the police and not Twitter. I have moved back to Zimbabwe but I am here and not running from anyone. I am ready for him, ready to face the court challenge, not these Twitter funnies. He is abusing Twitter and that is the problem with free Internet but he (Mawere) needs to find somewhere else to play.

Fellow socialite Wicknell Chivayo criticised Kadungures response Wicknell Blasts Genius Kadungure’s “Ghetto Mentality” Over Mutumwa Mawere Fight. Chivayo accused Ginimbi of having a ghetto mentality saying that he could not compare himself to Mawere, a renowned businessman. He insinuated that Kadungure was a “fuel smuggler.” Writing on Twitter, Wicknell said

This ghetto mentality that a Bentley or a Rolls Royce defines success is ridiculous and absurd. Mutumwa Mawere has worked for the world bank and at one time exported asbestos worth 200 million USD dollars a year when he owned SMM (Shabanie Mashaba Mine). His business acumen is worlds apart from fuel smugglers.

Tax Evasion Charges: Allegations against Kadungure were that between February 2009 and May 2016, his company Piko Trading (Private) Limited misrepresented to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority that it made total sales of $2 777 678 inclusive of value added tax when in actual fact the company had made sales amounting to $9 092 951. To that end, Zimra claimed to have suffered a prejudice of $417 940. He was also accused of evading tax, with Zimra suffering a total prejudice of $3 468 949.

Ginimbi, was denied bail by a Harare magistrate in a case in which he was accused of prejudicing Treasury of $3,5 million in a tax evasion scam. Kadungure, who was represented by Jonathan Samukange, was not asked to plead when he appeared before magistrate Bianca Makwande, who remanded him in custody to November 30.

It was alleged that Ginimbi was being targeted by Political Strongmen due to being a first cousin to Mary Chiwenga.

In December of 2018, after he was granted bail, Ginimbi's passport was released so that he could use it up to January of 2019. This came after Kadungure’s lawyer Jonathan Samkange applied for the temporary release of the passport. Kadungure said he wanted to help Zimbabwe in the prevailing gas shortages.The State, represented by Shepherd Makonde did not oppose the application but said that the passport must be replaced with title deeds as surety.

In July 2020, Kadungure was acquitted of the charge of failing to declare returns on gas sales to the Commissioner of Taxes. His company Piko Trading, was was acquitted of two counts of failing to declare tax returns and of smuggling gas into the country.

Piko Trading was charged for smuggling 5 289kg of gas into Zimbabwe.

Personal Life

Zodwa Mkandla: In 2014, it was reported that he was engaged to Zodwa Mkandla, 11 years his senior and no mention has been made of them having gotten married.

In April 2018, Ginimbi disclosed that he and Mkandla were no longer together. He told the Eastern Times that he was single although he had a good relationship with Zodwa whom he continues to do business with.

Wild Parties: Kadungure was known as the king of bling and for throwing lavish parties. In 2010, he threw an expensive all-white birthday bash in Harare, where an estimated US$17,000 was spent. The party drew scores of people from Harare’s northern suburbs and guests were treated to high-end whiskey, bright colored cocktails, champagne, as well as cigars at his Greystone Park home for three consecutive days.

Two years later, in 2012, Kadungure hosted another extravagant birthday party which was held in Botswana. The party was said to have costed an estimated P250,000 (exchange value of US $32,000 at that time). In 2013, Kadungure also held a consecutive three-day long party at his rural home in Domboshava to celebrate a newly-built mansion he had put up in the area.

All White Birthday Party in 2020: So on 10 October 2020 was businessman and popular socialite Genius Ginimbi Kadungure's birthday and he hosted his a strictly by invitation all-white party that he always do and it was a bomb. Vimbai Zimuto was wearing a white dress that has caused commotion so far on social media. Stunner too was spotted having fun. Khama Billiat’s new handler Vokal was seen too at the party. Popular musician, Killer T, was also those and he has become close buddies with Ginimbi over these few years.

Videos at the all-white birthday party held on 10 October 2020:

Affairs: Kadungure was reported to be involved with many women. It was reported that he had been beaten up by husbands of women he had sexual relations with on many occasions. On these claims, Kadungure said, "it was normal". In January 2014, he made headlines when it was revealed that he had been looking after another man’s child for the past 11 years. 

This came to light after one Doreen Mutukwa demanded an upward review of maintenance fees to $1,500. This led to Genius demanding a paternity test and the outcome showed that Kadungure was not the father of the child.

Trivia: Kadungure was known for throwing wild parties and for allegedly dating several married women, claims which he does not deny. In February 2018, Genius was reported to have bought Winky D first copy of his album Gombwe for USD$40 000.

Hiring an Instagram model from the US: In May 2018, Ginimbi reportedly hired a model from the US to spice up the opening of his Club Sankayi.

Ginimbi said the American model was his friend . Kadungure also said that.

The public always has something to say regarding my every move and I have come to accept the idea that as public figure I’m entitled to scrutiny. I don’t think I owe anyone any explanation but to keep the record straight Cici is my friend and she can always visit. We met in the United States of America, that is when we became friends and I am glad that our friendship is growing stronger each day.

Death: On the morning of November 2020, Ginimbi died in a car crash in Harare. Zimbabwe national police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed Ginimbi’s death saying he died on the spot. Ginimgi’s car was involved in a head in a collision between 5 and 6am. Nyathi says 3 other passengers in another car also died after their vehicle caught fire.

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