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Engineer Grace Bema Believes Achievement Has No Limits

Engineer Grace Bema is moving mountains in the engineering world. Of the thirteen Zimbabwe Association of Consulting Engineers (ZACE) board ...

Engineer Grace Bema is moving mountains in the engineering world. Of the thirteen Zimbabwe Association of Consulting Engineers (ZACE) board members, only two are women – and she is one of them.

Again, she is one of the seven directors at Brian Colquhoun Hugh O’Donnell & Partners (BCHOD Consulting Engineers), one of the biggest consultancy firms in the country. She joined the firm in 2009, and a year later she became a partner.

Her impressive portfolio includes being the resident engineer involved in designing the construction of over 3,000 houses, roads, and water and sewer reticulation services at Unki Mine for $140 million.

After her “A” level studies, she enrolled in Civil Engineering at the University of Zimbabwe. There were only two women in her stream, out of 33 students. She further enhanced her management skills by studying for an MBA.
Grace Bema - Megafest National Business Awards 2020
Grace Bema Receiving Business Woman Of The Year Silver Award - Megafest National Business Awards 2020

Engineer Bema later studied in the US, earning a Master’s degree in Sustainable Systems, and also working as a design developer, before she returned home to resume her post at BCHOD.

Her scholarship required her to market Zimbabwe in her host nation. “I travelled a lot and had more than 20 speaking engagements organized for me,” Engineer Bema said in 2014.

“I was treated like a celebrity when I arrived in America and had interviews lined up for me on radio and TV as well as the press. I had photos taken and was placed on a billboard alongside a busy highway.”

After her studies, she had two options: stay in America and work, or return home. She chose the latter. “I turned this offer down. My desire was to come home and use the knowledge, skills, and experience I had acquired to help rebuild my country,” she told the Standard.

“I believe I have a responsibility to continue adding value to my company and to contribute towards the development of my country. After all, I am where I am today because of this country,” Engineer Bema added.

In 2020, she became an independent non-executive chairperson for Mashonaland Holdings, a company founded in 1966 and focused on property investment in Zimbabwe. The board has nine experienced members.

To Engineer Bema, there is no limit to her aspirations. “People usually say the sky is the limit but I believe that there is no limit to what one can achieve if they put their mind to it.”

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