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Blessing Shumba was Called to Preach the Gospel Via Music!

Blessing Shumba encountered opposition to record his brand of gospel music. Attempts to enter into the competitive gospel industry were cons...

Blessing Shumba encountered opposition to record his brand of gospel music. Attempts to enter into the competitive gospel industry were constantly thwarted. 

But the singer was accustomed to such battles.

Earlier on, he had formed a gospel ensemble, however, their stint was short-lived as the economic downturn absorbed the country. Most of the group members relocated to South Africa. Abandoned and alone, Shumba stayed determined.

After years of failing, then rising, he recorded his initial album in 2009. But for two years, he kept the album, until a friend convinced him to take it to a recording studio. Thereafter, he became a household name. The Psalmist as he is affectionately known, teamed up with prison inmates and officers. He also promotes the culture of donating blood to save lives.

One upon a time, the media fuelled that there was bad blood between Mathis Mhere and Shumba. Their duet calmed the rumours. “You know what? Blessing is my brother and we have a good relationship,” Mhere revealed. “I am humbled to have worked with him on my album. This collaboration is a clear indication that we have a sound working relationship.”
Blessing Shumba
Blessing Shumba 

The two collaborated to complement and spread the gospel. “Our call is to preach the word through music and we will complement each other in the journey,” added Mhere. Shumba dismissed the reports as bar talk.

On technology, Shumba still lags behind Mhere and other peers. His videos lack quality and creativity on social media. “We have learnt to adapt to the online system. Virtual shows have been the way, and as artistes we should not rely on music only for survival,” Mhere mentioned.

Shumba remains optimistic about doing live shows again, currently banned as most countries grapple with spiralling numbers of death from the novel coronavirus. “We will have normal shows shortly. We believe in Christ,” mentioned Shumba.

Last year, there were claims of kidnapping involving Shumba. He refuted the allegations, accusing his spoilers. “I did not kidnap anyone. God does not allow me to do that. The devil manifests in different forms and this case, he wanted to tarnish my image,” he said, adding the agenda will fail.

“For how long will l be persecuted by these people? I know it is the work of my detractors who want to tarnish my image and personal integrity,” he added. As the allegations continued, family and friends stood by him. “I want to thank all my fans and family members who have shown concern by calling me and texting me. I want to thank all Zimbabweans for their concerns and I want to assure them that I am very safe.”

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