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DJ Fantan, the Face of Ghetto Youths!

The prominence that DJ Fantan is riding on began as a dream, in his bedroom. The producer’s story can be traced back to 2004, inside Matapi ...

The prominence that DJ Fantan is riding on began as a dream, in his bedroom. The producer’s story can be traced back to 2004, inside Matapi block of flats of Mbare.

At that time, the situation at his home became difficult, and he became a breadwinner. At a tender age, he had lost his father.

Though the turntables had become part of him whilst at school, he had to suspend the calling and focusing on making a living. In his second year at school, the respected DJ began to learn the job of a DJ, joining Last Generation Sound thereafter.

“When I was in the Ordinary Level, thinggot really tough at home and I had to look for a job in order to balance the monetary equation, DJ revealed to the media in 2018.

“I got a job as a cleaner at a fast food outlet and the tight schedule between school and work meant I had to put the DJ thing on hold,” the affable music promoter added.

When he retired from his post as a manager in 2010, he moved to a block of flats where he grew up, thereafter, his musical talents became to reappear. Singers would converge at his room to showcase their talents.

“My room was the meeting spot for the guys, and it was here where those who had lyrics would freestyle and this is what gave us the idea to buy speakers and a microphone,” DJ Fantan revealed.

From there on, they were not sure the way the initiative would go, but they decided to name it Chillspot Records. By 2013, Chillspot began to carve a name for itself, after releasing the “Zimbo Flava Riddim” which incorporated Soul Jah Love, Ras Pompy and Tocky Vibes.

With time, more artistes joined the stable, the studio was enlarged and upgraded with the latest equipment. And his managerial skills acquired at the food outlet came in handy.
DJ Fantan, the Face of Ghetto Youths!
DJ Fantan, the Face of Ghetto Youths!

“There are many studios that have come and gone but we have managed to stick around not only because of the hard work we put in but also the way we handle our business,” DJ Fantan revealed.

“We always try our best to push every project that we have as well as the artistes that we work with which is why you will see that we are very active on social media,” the musician, born Arnold Kamudyariwa.

His unsanctioned 31 December 2020 New Year’s Eve bash, that attracted thousands of fans led to his arrest for violating Covid-19 rules that outlaws gatherings. But even if he is convicted or not, he remains a legend in Mbare, same as Alfonso Zvenyika, for his legendary trailblazing boxing exploits.

At least 52 people were nabbed for attending the gathering styled as “2021 Welcome Passa Passa”, while the popular Dj was rumoured to be on the line. Appearing in court, DJ Fantan, and his two accomplices Levels and DJ Rhibhe pleaded guilty to the offence, asking for a lighter sentence, arguing that DJ fantan was a “face of the struggling youths”.

“Kamudyariwa and Kadzimwe affectionately known as DJ Fantan and Levels respectively, have become household names and symbols of hope for all struggling ghetto youths in Zimbabwe,” their lawyer argued.

“They play a positive role by encouraging youth to abstain from drug abuse. They even composed songs to campaign against crime, complimenting government efforts,” further argued the lawyer.

Substance and alcohol abuse is on the rise in Zimbabwe, against a backdrop of high unemployment. The populous Mbare suburb has not been spared the wrath. And many youths find reprieve in music. 

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